Thursday, February 5, 2009

Parrots in Need: Weatherford Hoarding Case

I have swiped the text of this post from my good friend Emily. She's already written everything I want to say, so it's easier than writing a completely different set of text which says the same thing.

A little over a month ago, over 100 parrots of all sizes and species were seized from a home in Weatherford, TX, where they had been found in squalid conditions. These birds were all taken to a local county shelter which has little funding and even less experience with birds. This shelter is simply not equipped to properly handle and rehome all of these birds. A nearby avian rescue, Wings of Love Bird Haven, is doing everything they can to help alleviate the burden and provide these birds with proper living conditions, medical attention, and forever homes. However, their resources are limited as well. Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated.

How You Can Help:

*Donate cages, playgyms, and/or toys. My friend and I are going up to Bird Haven on the 14th, so if you have anything to donate, we can take it up there for you and bring you back a receipt for tax purposes.

*Donate money directly to Bird Haven

*Sign up to attend Barbara Heidenreich’s workshop at Bird Haven in March

*Apply to Bird Haven to adopt or foster a bird

*Apply directly to the Parker County Shelter to adopt or foster a bird - or call: (817) 598-4111

If you do adopt or foster a bird from this situation and need help with any behavioral issues, I will be happy to help you for free.

If they are not able to find suitable homes for these birds through adoption, Weatherford’s City Manager has stated that they will probably auction the birds off with minimum bids. This would be detrimental, as many of those birds would likely end up in unethical breeding situations or in homes similar to the one they came from. Please help if you can, and spread the word to anyone you know who might be able to help.

I would like to also encourage everyone to contact the City Manager and tell him exactly why an auction is in the worst interests of the birds. With no possible way to screen bidders for safety, ensure that birds go to homes suitable for their individual needs or ensure that they will not immediately go into an unethical breeding situation or a home just like the one they are seized from. We parrot owners know that just because you can afford a bird, does not mean you are capable of giving it a good home.
Here are his details:

Jerry Blaisdell - Weatherford City Manager

UPDATE: I contacted the City Managers office via phone today and was told the City Manager was off sick and they would ask him to return my call when he comes in. I made it clear that I was calling to discuss the potential auction of the birds and how I felt it was detrimental to the birds future health and safety. Maybe if we all leave messages asking to talk to him in objection to the auction it will send a strong indication of public feeling on the matter

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