Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sheesh It's Been A Long Time!

Well, I'm back posting... I feel bad for neglecting this blog, but have found that training myself (going back to school) has been taking priority over a lot of things in my life.

Birds update:

Darwin is off medication for his seizures, and seems to be doing ok. He still loves to annoy the big birds.

Lucha is still the handsome green boy. He is getting better at allowing me to touch him below the neck, but still on his terms.

Marnie is finally getting all her primaries grown in. She has been flying occasionally and is getting stronger. I am looking forward to try and teach her to recall.

Puff went through a phase of only wanting to step up onto the perch and would remove flesh from my hands... but now he's back wanting to step up onto my hands.

Silver came into our lives in harm, and passed on knowing the best of what birds should have without being able to return her to the wild.

Mobie recently came into our lives last week. She is a 15+yr old African Grey. Her owners loved her very much, but realised that with one of them terminally ill (he since passed) and in their 70's it was time to find Mobie a forever home.
She's a great little gal, who is happily hanging out on the playscape, eating good foods, and stepping up for me.

So there's an update, hopefully it won't be too long till the next one, but no guarantees as the spring semester starts!